About us

RPS will be soon celebrating 30 years of successful community work and education for all interested in Iran, Iranian Cultures and Persian language.

This would have not been possible without dedication of the parents, teachers, volunteered school members,  and of course our previous students as our ambassadors throughout the years.

RPS is currently run by volunteered parents and community members which are selected every year.  Current members:

  • Forouza Soltani : Principal
  • Ali Elhami-Manesh: Public Officer & Executive Committee member
  • Maryam Kaveh: Management Committee & Events
  • Sam Khalili: Treasurer & Executive Committee member
  • Javad Azizi: Chair of Management Committee & IT
  • Nasrin Mohseni: Assistant Principal
  • Maryam Jabbari: Teachers’ Representative
  • Maryam Safvat: Education Committee
  • Mohammad Yazdanian: Education Committee
  • Shahriar Mahfouzi: Education Committee & IT
  • Behnaz Shirzad: Admin & Accounts