Our Classes


At RPS we adopt various methods to meet the needs of students in all levels. These methods include conversation, reading and writing. There is an effort to enhance our teaching approaches by taking advantage of digital technology. We also use creative drama methods to improve verbal communication skills and improve confidence.

RPS enjoys the assistance of a group of experienced and talented teachers, who work voluntarily.  Our teachers at RPS, apart from the experience of teaching Persian Language for years at different levels in Iran, they also take part in compulsory courses organised by the NSW Department of Education to become familiar with Australian standards of teaching methods. In addition, they take part in a variety of professional development workshops organised by the Federation of Community Languages NSW  to learn about recent approaches in teaching a language.

A group of volunteered parents run an Education Committee which reviews new methods and resources. The Education Committee controls the quality of the resources, updates the lesson plans and ensures the quality of the teaching is maintained throughout all grades by regular observation of the classes (minimum two observations per term is planned for our primary classes).

Primary Levels: 

We currently run Kindergarten, Year One, Year Two, Year Three, Year Four and Year Five.

For Kindergarten the purpose and aim of these classes is to familiarise the students with the sounds and basic vocabulary through games, flash cards, songs, and plays and engaging activities mainly focusing on their listening and speaking skills.

Years 1-5 primarily focus on all major skills to make them active and confident language users. All the teachers follow a unique curriculum approved by our Education Committee which is based on Iran’s Primary School Booking plus Farsi Amouz Adabi (Nokhodi).  All the resources are available for purchase at school and some can be accessed through  http://chap.sch.ir/school-books or below:

Farsi Amouz Adabi (Nokhodi)

RPS prides itself in using a series of successful and award winning series renowned as Nokhodi. They come a 4 series: Sibilak for Kindergarten and early learners, Farsi Amouz Adabi 1, 2, and 3. Each book also comes with activity book. We use these series as a supplementary material to boost the student confidence in word recognition and reading. More details are available on www.cheesta.com.



































Adult Classes:

Along our core focus for teaching primary classes, RPS has always been successful in assisting adult enthusiasts in learning Persian language skills. Classes are open for adults with absolutely no Persian backgrounds or adults with intermediate skills. The focus is on vocational usage of the language. Classes run every Saturday during the school terms.