Ryde Persian School was established in 1988 (1367 based on Persian solar calendar) for the purpose of teaching Farsi.

We owe the existence of this cultural institution to the literacy intellectuals who persevered through the difficulties they faced at the time of inception and after much hard work they managed to establish a foundation in Australia that until today our children have had the opportunity to benefit from and enjoy.

The establishment of this institution was a model for other Persian-Language schools that have since been established in Sydney. Therefore, this institution can truly be considered the first safeguard of Persian culture and language for our children in Sydney.

At this point and in the honor of the founders of this institution, we have the opportunity and responsibility to pass our deepest gratitude to all of them.

We would like to start by thanking the initial founders which included:

Ms. Jamileh Vambakhsh, Ms. Pareevash Mofeed (Zahedi), Mr. Esfandiar Sangsari, Mr. Manoochehr Zahedi, and Mr. Serge Arakely.

Ms. Jamileh Vambakhsh became the first Principal and also undertook some teaching at the school. Some of the other teachers at the school were, Ms. Pareevash Mofeed (Zahedi), Ms. Maryam Forouzesh (Mohseni), Ms. Robabeh Kahrobaei, Ms. Farangis Daemi, Ms. Ghazaleh Lyary, Mr. Esfandiar Sangsari, Mr. Iraj Arya, Mr. Reza Mohseni and Ms. Shohreh Maghami.

The founders and the teachers of the school named above, gradually finished up their work at the school until such time after three years, a new management committee was established to take the school forward. In the same process new teachers were allocated for the purpose of continuation of the teaching program at the school.

Our current teachers are Ms. Zahra Hosseini, Mr. Ali Elhamimanesh, Ms.Maryam Mansoorian, Ms. Maryam Elahifar, Ms. Maryam Jabari, Ms. Mahsa Pourakbarian, Ms. Marjaneh Ghafari, Ms. Banoo Shahriari , Ms.Pegah Amirfeiz.

This institution throughout its establishment has benefited from the services of dedicated Iranians in the position of the school principal who had the key responsibility to plan, organize, and execute programs suitable for students with the aim of conveyance of the Persian culture and heritage through teaching of the Persian language. Therefore, it is imperative to name all of the people who took the responsibility of being the principal at the Ryde Persian School over the last 22 years, to thanks them and to ensure that their names, memories and their great contributions to our school are not forgotten. The names of these kind and dedicated principals are as follows:

  • Mr. Mahmoodian (until 2003 he was a member of the management committee as well as the guarantor for the continuation of the school establishment)
  • Ms. Khaginy
  • Ms. Malak
  • Ms. Yahya Zadeh
  • Mr. Salehi
  • Ms. Moosavi
  • Mr. Rasavi
  • Ms. Khanzadeh
  • Mr. Sharify-Nasab
  • Ms. Saheb Ekhtiary (2005-2009) (She was working as a teacher between 1996-2005 at which time she accepted the responsibility of becoming the principal of the school and remained an active member of the management committee of the school during this time as well).
  • Mr. Fariborz Maghami (2009-2012)
  • Mrs. Lida Ghezelbash (2012-2015)
  • Mrs. Forouza Soltani (2016- present)

The current committee of the school is of the opinion that the efforts and significant contributions made by the former principals of the school have not yet been appropriately recognized within the school community and hence we hope to be able to honor and show our appreciations to these dedicated individuals in due course.

Class of 2016