Our Classes

Farsi Language Teaching Method at Ryde Persian School

K-1 Classes: The purpose and aim of these classes is to familiarise the students with the Persian alphabet and sounds and increase their understanding of the Farsi language. This in turn will result in increased ability in reading, writing and speaking for the students as they progress. For the kindergarten classes this is achieved through flash cards, games, songs, and plays. For year 1 students, the approach is different as a basic understanding of the alphabet is assumed. There is more concentration on increasing the vocabulary as well as improving writing, comprehension and speaking.

Year 2-8: From year 2 to year 7, there is a gradual emphasis on learning the common proverbs used in everyday conversations, increasing the studentís vocabulary level, the correct use of the grammar, dictation, independent reading of books, and conversational and comprehension skills.

HSC: The HSC classes provide advanced skills for school examinations. The focus of the courses is on reading and writing skills combined with recreational games. In addition, essay writing, oral presentations, and other team activities are also developed. The subjects vary from history, geography, literature, Iranís traditions and cultural beliefs are all discussed throughout the course.

Classes for Non-Persian Speaking Adults: This class has been designed specifically for families in which one parent is a non-Persian speaking. This class provides the basic everyday conversational skills for the adults who may need to interact with their children or partners in Farsi, and hence facilitating the communications between family members as well as providing an understanding of Persian culture. This class also provides an opportunity for non-Persian speaking adults who have an interest in learning how to communicate in Farsi.