About Us

Persian Ryde School was established in 1988 (1367 solar calendar) to teach Persian language. We owe the existence of this cultural institution to the efforts of intellectual, wise and literate Iranians who founded this institution after a lot of hard work and maintained it during the difficult years until today in Australia.

One of the main goals of Persian Ryde School is to celebrate and promote the cultural heritage of the Iranian community in Australia regardless of race, religious beliefs and political views, and in this regard, every year Iranian cultural events and ceremonies are held with the presence and help of students and parents.

The establishment of Persian Ryde school became a model for other Persian schools that were established in Sydney after that. Therefore, this school can be considered as the first bastion of preserving Persian language and culture
We hope that with the help of experienced school teachers who have completed valid training courses in Australian educational institutions, we will have the opportunity to provide positive and effective services for the Iranian community in Sydney.

In honor of the founders of this institution who have dedicated themselves to this work, we take this opportunity and express our deepest gratitude to those dear ones.

Members of Persian Ryde school

Board of Directors
The board members are intelligent and wise people who have dedicated themselves to the development and advancement of the Persian language and cultural heritage. Their goal is to build a fortress to preserve it in this school. The names of the current board of directors in alphabetical order:
Dr. Oldouz Azarmir
Mr. Kamran Keshavarz
Mrs. Mitra Pourlatifi
Mrs. Maryam Shams
Mrs. Forouza Soltani (principal of the school)
Dr. Reza Vatandoust

In more than three decades since the establishment of this school, teachers with a lot of experience have voluntarily taught and served here and helped to continue the work of this important cultural institution. Names of teachers in alphabetical order:
Mrs. Marjan Habibi
Mrs. Zahra Hosseini
Mrs. Maryam Jabbari
Mrs. Sahar Mahdavi
Mrs. Roya Manizadeh
Mrs. Nasrin Mohseni                                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Pegah Soltani
Mrs. Zari Soltanipanah
Mrs. Parvin Vatankhah
Mr. Moslem Yosefzadeh